Residents of China's Hong Kong rally to appeal for peace, stability

来源: 粤港澳头条   时间:2019-07-21 18:37:54


The "Safeguard Hong Kong" massive rally is held in south China's Hong Kong, July 20, 2019. Over 300,000 people attended the massive rally here on Saturday to support the rule of law while opposing the use of violence. (Xinhua/Lui Siu Wai)

More than 300,000 Hong Kong residents braved rains for rallies on Saturday afternoon to voice their strong opposition to violence and firm support for police.

They also called for maintaining rule of law and safeguarding peace and stability in Hong Kong.

Tamar Park on the Hong Kong Island was the main venue of the series of rallies held across Hong Kong.

The rally started around 5 p.m. local time. Waving the Chinese national flag and the flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the participants expressed hope that peace and stability will return to Hong Kong.

More than 10 flagged fishing vessels with banners written with "Safeguard Hong Kong" toured in the waters of Victoria Harbor to show their solidarity.

At the rally in Tamar Park, Chan Cho-kwong, the former chairman of the Junior Police Officers' Association of the Hong Kong Police Force, condemned the recent violence and called for supporting Hong Kong police and their families.

"Hong Kong has been suffering violence and division in recent days. As a citizen, we welcome different voices but oppose violence," said Ms Ying, aged 28, who attended the rally with her friends.

Cheng Chun-hei, a graduate of the University of Hong Kong, said young people and the society are faced with problems, but the problems can't be resolved via violence and illegal means.

Lo Chung-mau, a division chief from Queen Mary Hospital, said that a total of 192 doctors had signed a "No Harm, Protect Hong Kong" declaration, saying Hong Kong is now sick and injured.